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Default The Buckeye Trail

There is a hike that me and my fiance do quite regularly that I thought might be of some interest for someone looking for an average day hike. There is a portion of the Buckeye Trail which circles the Hinckley Reservation in Hinckley Ohio. This trip is about 6.5 miles and I would consider it between easy and medium (the medium is mostly because the the length and the hills).

The hike starts at Whipp's Ledges, which is on the backside of the Hinckley Reservation main loop. The trail is right off the parking lot and travels straight up the hill. Once near the top where all the rock formations are, take a left, over a dead fallen tree and up one of the formations where you need to use your hands to push up. The trail runs parallel to the edge of the cliff. After about 60 yards, there will be a dead tree on your right, this is where you take a right and continue on. About 100 yards up, passed the parking lot, the trail opens up to the size of a one car driveway, you take a right on this trail. From where it opens up, you can see that it opens up into a field. Take a left once you have gotten to the field and follow the trail all the way to the next set of woods.

Once heading down the hill through the woods, you will come to a road (we have yet to find out what road this is, but it is still a part of the Buckeye Trail). Take a right on the road. This road has very little traffic (3 out of 4 hikes we won't see 1 car). The sites are beautiful, rolling hills, grassy fields, nice houses out on the cliff. And, if you go really early in the morning, you can catch buzzards sunning themselves on the top of a very large power line tower. You will follow this road for approximately a mile (not sure of the actual distance, this is my own estimation). Once you hit the top of the last hill, and it looks flat from there, keep your eye out for the horse trail on the right, this is still the Buckeye Trail.

This trail leads on for quite a while, lots of forest and wildlife to be seen. Also a lot of horses (and look out for the horse poo on the trail too). About 15-25 minutes into this part of the trail, you will come to a creek to cross. If you stay to the left, there are stepping stones to cross on, be careful, if they are wet, they are slick. After about another 20 minutes, you will come to a road crossing but the path will continue on straight.

On this next part of the trail, you will find protected Heron Nesting sites, and if you are lucky, you can hear them in the trees. This is your typical trail until you get to some cross-trails. There are two cross-trails: I keep right at both of them. I believe if you go left on the first one, you still end up at the Hinckley Reservation main trail, but you add another 4-6 miles onto your trip. The second Y I usually stay right as well. But, if you go left, I think that adds another 2-3 miles onto your trip, and you will end up at the Hinckley Reservation main trail.

Once you are walking parallel to a creek (may be dried up depending on the time of year), you are almost to the Hinckly main trail. Once you get to the main trail, if you go left, it will take you towards the boathouse, and right will take you back to Whipp's Ledges.

Some warnings about this trail:

1. It is somewhat of a bridal trail, you may see a lot of horses and you have to look out for horse poo.

2. If it has rained recently, some spots can be pretty muddy. Also, the creek which you have to cross may be high, therefore the risk of wet feet exists.

3. Bring water. If you are going on a hot day, that walk on the road is full sun and very hot.

4. If you see me and my dogs are running loose, don't be afraid, they love people and just want to give you kisses!
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Thx for the info D L

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