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Default Two Backpack Dinner Recipies

My wife has come up with two new recipes that we have all enjoyed. The first we call “Sunday Dinner:” chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and stuffing. Place one box of instant stuffing mix (stove top) into a one-gallon zip top freezer bag and a half can of canned corn (for two meals or you can use a whole can) into a sandwich size zip top bag. You will also need a bag of instant mashed potatoes and a bag of chunk chicken. Boil three cups of water. Combine stuffing, corn, chicken and one cup boiling water in large bag. Use the other two cups water (or package directions) for the potatoes and combine in a bowl: delicious.

The second is BBQ chicken pizza (taco): we’re really not sure what to call it. First go to Wendy’s and get some chicken nuggets, ask for lots of extra BBQ sauce. Then stop at Little Caesar’s and get some packets of Parmesan cheese. You will also need some cheddar cheese (we carry the 8 oz block) a package of chunk chicken and some tortilla shells. Toast the tortilla shell on a rock in your campfire. Mix two containers of BBQ sauce into the pouch of chicken and heat it in the fire as well. Place the warmed chicken and both cheeses (be sure to break the cheddar into small chunks) onto the tortilla shell turning it regularly to help toast it fully. Fold like a taco and enjoy. One note, it is somewhat messy so you may want to eat it over a bowl to keep the critters from coming around at night, but this is our favorite backcountry meal.
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